Open Office Extensions: QiOO – Qur’an in Open Office

Insert Qur’an Verses and (or) translation to Writter.

DOWNLOAD. You can download from developer website here. Or from UGM, for Indonesia translation.

INSTALL. To install, go to Tools > Extension Manager > Add, and browse for the downloaded file, click open. Then restart Open Office.

HOW TO USE.Now you can see the Al Qur’an menu in the menu row. But, before you insert Quran verses into your text document, you must Enable the Open Office to read and write Complex Text Layout. To Enable it, go to Tools > Option > Language Settings > Languages, check for Enabled for CTL (Complex Text Layout)

To start using the extension, just klick on AlQuran menu. The pop up menu will let you choose to insert Arabic only (Quran), or translation Only, or both (Quran & Translation).

Then choose wich Surah and Ayah you want to insert, then click OK



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